Actress Winona Ryder, L'oréal Paris spokeswomen Aja Naomi King and singer-songwriter Camila Cabello star in launch campaign celebrating the power of a hair comeback.

L’Oréal Paris proudly introduces Elvive, a hair care line designed to help revive all forms of hair damage. After all, everyone loves a comeback and your hair deserves one too.

Elvive Hair Care is rooted in the insight that nearly eight in ten U.S. women experience some type of hair damage – whether from heat tools, color processing or dryness – and that three in ten are unsatisfied with the current products they are using to solve for damage. The treatment-led hair care line is designed to provide preventative and rejuvenating solutions for damaged hair in just one use. To bring this proposition to life, the brand is launching “Comeback,” an integrated campaign that celebrates the fact that hair can make a comeback from damage. The campaign stars Golden Globe award-winning actress Winona Ryder along with L’Oréal Paris spokeswomen, actress Aja Naomi King and singer-songwriter Camila Cabello, all of whom have their own unique hair comeback stories. The first part of the “Comeback” social, digital, print and television campaign will air as a commercial this weekend.

“Elseve has been the #1 hair care brand in Europe and leader in treatments since 1971. We are thrilled to now bring the hair care line to the U.S. under the Elvive name with focused positioning that speaks to the 80 percent of U.S. women who are experiencing hair damage daily,” says Tim Coolican, President, L’Oréal Paris USA. “With this launch, we hope to empower people to fight hair damage so they can have beautiful, revived hair every day.”

The Elvive products have been tested on over forty thousand women and are designed to revive damaged hair. The hair care line is focused on treatments as they are the most transformative in reviving and visibly restoring damaged hair. The treatments are supported by tailored shampoos and conditioners to complete the regimen.

The collections within the Elvive hair care line are designed to directly address women’s biggest hair care concerns: damaged, dry and color-treated hair. Total Repair 5 is designed for damaged hair, Extraordinary Oil is designed for dry and undernourished hair and Color Vibrancy is designed for color-treated hair. The newest star treatment to join the Total Repair 5 line is the Protein Recharge Leave-In Conditioner, which helps combat breakage with a revolutionary formula containing almond and protein. It offers 450 degree heat protection and recharges the hair fiber to help prevent damage and strengthen hair. Hair is left 15 times stronger with 97 percent less breakage.

L’Oréal Paris launched Elvive Hair Care to help revive all forms of hair damage – whether from heat styling, dryness or color processing. The brand knows everyone loves a comeback and believes hair deserves one too.

The newest phase of the brand’s “Comeback” campaign, which celebrates the power of a comeback, is rooted in the fact that dry hair can make one too. To bring this to life, L’Oréal Paris spokeswoman and singer-songwriter Camila Cabello shares her personal and hair comeback stories. The first part of her integrated campaign will debut with a 60 second commercial this weekend.

“I think a comeback is defined as struggling through something and having the strength and resolution to push past it,” says Camila Cabello. “For me, it was about taking chances, aiming high and believing that I was worth it. I can now finally hear everything my heart was telling me.”

“We are very proud to partner with Camila for the launch of Elvive,” says Tim Coolican, President, L’Oréal Paris USA. “Elvive was designed to address the 80% of women in the U.S. who experience some form of hair damage daily. The line builds on L’Oreal Paris’ commitment to creating innovative products, services and experiences that help people look and feel their best every day.”

Elvive is a treatment-led hair care line that has active patents until 2026 and contains powerful ingredients that are proven to revive damaged hair. The treatments are supported by tailored shampoos and conditioners to complete the regimen.

The Extraordinary Oil collection, which Camila’s campaign focuses on, targets dry and undernourished hair. Daily actions such as brushing or styling can actually cause hair to become dry and brittle. In Camila’s case, her hair often goes through multiple hairstyle changes – including brushing, curling, straightening, teasing and more – in just one performance.

A leave-in or hydrating treatment can help mitigate this type of hair stress and keep hair silky and luminous. The hero treatment within the Extraordinary Oil line is the Extraordinary Oil Treatment which is a multi-use, leave-in product infused with camellia and golden sunflower oils. In just one use, hair is left ten times more moisturized with no greasiness or weigh-down. It has been tested on all hair types and can be uniquely integrated into hair routines in a multitude of ways including: as a post-shampoo detangler to mitigate friction when brushing, used pre-blow dry to reduce flyaways and as a finisher for added shine.

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