7 Styles to Wear for the Holidays

Featuring the new Sperry 7 SEAS collection.

Update your wardrobe with shoes that capture the season’s fashion. Stock up on classic pieces, textures, and layers to mix and match until you find the perfect style to rock now that December is almost here. How to start? Pair up your wardrobe with the latest from Sperry.  Its latest line, the 7 Seas collection, is the perfect complement for all your holiday looks!

Launched earlier this year, the 7 Seas is already making waves among adventure seekers and urban warriors alike. Known for creating purpose-built tools for adventure, Sperry has now released several new models of the 7 Seas with the technology to tackle the elements. Far from being your typical sneaker, you’re sure to adventure-proof your wardrobe with these kicks.

Here are 7 Holiday looks perfect with the Sperry 7 Seas:

Preppy Uptown Look

Strike the balance between laid-back and edgy with light fabrics to create a trend-forward spin to uptown fashion. Not only does this kind of style require less effort, it is an A+ look that will stand out no matter which city you visit. Throw in a collared, button-down top with shorts or skirts and a pair of Sperry 7 Seas Beast and you’re off to a stylish vacay.

For sleek street style, cop a pair of the Sperry 7 Seas Beast. Sporting a minimalist profile with a clean protected upper, the shoe is easily anyone’s one-way ticket to the best-dressed list of the season! To top it off, the 7 Seas Beast provides surefooted confidence both on wet or dry surfaces, making it the best shoe to bring to any destination.

Downtown Street Style

Take your cotton twill favorite to the next level by giving it a functional side by slipping on a pair of the Sperry 7 Seas line to perfect your version of a weekday downtown look. Aside from being extremely light and comfortable, the 7 Seas collection is poised to be the shoes fashionable people would want to wear. Nail downtown fashion by taking your street and denim game a nick higher by donning a pair of the Sperry 7 Seas CVO. Those familiar to Sperry’s first boat shoe style can experience the stylish CVO done with modern features that makes it chic across time or weather.

Meanwhile, modern street style can look as great with shoes that strike the perfect balance between fashion and function. Cop the Sperry 7 Seas Carbon, Sperry’s answer to those wanting for purposeful shoes with a rugged edge—putting a classy twist to an everyday, street-side fashion.

Heritage Workwear

As the name suggests, heritage work wear is best loved for its effortless blend of style while allowing ease of movement. Back in the day, people wore these clothes for their everyday hustle. Today, this style continues to inspire sensible fashion wear that are comfy to work in and stylish enough for a few drinks after hours. Go for straight-legged bottoms and loose-fitting tops draped over by coats that are snug enough to protect you from the weather but short enough not get in your way.

Whether you’re opting for a relaxed downtown look or a utilitarian style, keep your wardrobe fresh by wearing the headliner of the 7 Seas Collection, the 7 Seas Carbon. This shoe comes with the best of the 7 Seas technologies as well as weatherized features that make it the choice shoe to wear for a work-appropriate yet stylish get-up.

Graphic Pop Style

Solid-colored outfits are cool but so are bold-patterned prints! Geometric designs works well when worn with solid bottoms or footwear. Who knew triangles would look so good? These designs give off a sense of flow and energy that makes any outfit edgy yet playful, modern yet polished.  Give a sense of balance to patterned coordinates by wearing shoes that score style points with its millennial-approved look and hues. Under its up-to-the-minute design and technology, the Sperry 7 Seas CVO is not only fitting for wet or dry urban adventures, it also looks the part as the new classic pair to sport with current shapes, trends, and patterns.


Who said florals can only look good in Spring? This coming Holiday season, wear flower-patterned pieces all-year round in the freshest way possible. Thanks to street style purveyors who boldly wore an assortment of designs in everyday-wear, men and women of today are turning their heads for tropical pieces to add to their collections. The best way to wear this colourful style is to ride it with neutral hues best seen in the ever-present white sneaker trend. And lucky for us, there is a Sperry 7 Seas CVO in chic white perfect for this style.

The 7 Seas model comes in an ultra modern knit upper influenced by Sperry’s most iconic sneaker, the CVO. The classic style is redressed with the latest technology, making it versatile enough to wear with a variety of outfits— great news to the fans of this profile who can now be both street wear and adventure-ready!


Say hello to your weekend outfit! Bring out your overcoats and fancy blouses and a pair of functional shoes to step stylishly on to your weekend escapades! Don’t let the colder (or wetter) weeks leading into the Holidays hinder you from dressing to the nines. You might want to cover up, add more layers, and wear the most stylish weather-friendly shoes to feel snug and warm throughout the merry season. Thanks to the 7 Seas’ fierce fit, beastly traction, and high-strength knit upper that repels the elements, weekend warriors can now slip on the most adventure-worthy shoe, the 7 Seas Carbon, that can withstand a lot more than light rains and mud!


Word on the street is that the athleisure trend is here to stay. Athletic-lifestyle look has never been this effortless! Gone were the days where people are reluctant to wear sweats outside of the exercise room, or leggings and joggers to the streets. How to pull it off? Just grab your trusty sweaters and tights and shoes that are equally as comfy as the rest of your outfit. The Sperry 7 Seas Knit takes athleisure to new heights, putting a modern and stylish spin to your athletic wear ensemble. Made with a modern knitted construction and sporting a sock-like collar for up-to-the-minute style with an active twist, this knit footwear is the epitome of contemporary footwear trends.